Kopo Potential in Rwanda

In the village of Rukumbeli, Rwanda, children collect water in the morning before school and take it with them to school.  Then at lunch they take the water home, eat lunch, then collect more water when they are returning to school.  They again take the water to school and leave it while they study, then at the end of the day they carry it home.  

Rwandan water worker Christelle Kwizera said the Kopo can would fit seamlessly into this process.  She suggested building a frame outside for the children to set full Kopo cans flat in the sun then pick them up after their studies are finished. Students could then bring home purified water to be used by the family without significant changes to their current practices. 

One of Kopo'g goals is to learn about the existing systems that people have in place for gathering water. We want to ensure that our product is something that is adaptable and sustainable. To help us better understand the cultural and physical situation of customers, we sent two of our team members to various villages and aid organizations in East Africa.